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    Judo is a type of martial art that originated in Japan. Today it is widely practiced by practicing around the world. Judo is a form of self defense. It is a part of Japanese art that has been modified to modernize. In addition to training to protect yourself, it is also an exercise in order to Born strength Practice steady meditation The trainer will benefit both the body. And fully concentrate on the mind Whether it will attack the opponent Or defending Judo, whose full name is Kodokan Judo, was originally developed from Jiujitsu, a skill that can fight opponents armed with their bare hands, and is a form of judo. Destroy your opponent's weaknesses In Japan, Jujitsu is played very widely.

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    The origin of Japan's martial arts is vague, and what we know of it, is more legend than truth. However, the takenouchi-ryu martial art system founded in 1532 is considered the beginning of Japan's jujitsu forms. The system's founder taught jujitsu in a structured and methodical manner. For the next several hundred years, the martial arts were refined by Samurai who made a lifetime study of some twenty or thirty martial arts. Of these arts only one was based on weaponless self defense — jujitsu. By the mid-1800's more than 700 different jujitsu systems existed. The most popular were takenouchi-ryu, jikishin-ryu, kyushinryu, yoshin-ryu, mirua-ryu, sekiguchi-ryu, kito-ryu, and tenshin-shinyo-ryu; the last two were instrumental in Judo's development.

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    History of Judo"


    The biggest mistake I made as a judo player was not a technical one .... ... and I did not realize I was making such a stupid mistake until I was in my fifties. For someone who has a reputation for being smart, that is a really long time to make the same mistake. Seriously, it is embarrassing to say this and I am writing this post to save some of you who might be making the same mistake now. My biggest mistake may have led to a lot of my success, but I was wrong, in the end So what was this, you might be wondering. It’s that I judged people simply based on how good they were at judo, how good of a competitor or how good of a coach. I never particularly cared if someone was a good referee, only if they were an honest one. My attitude about referees was “I will beat this person up and make you give me the win.”

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