5 martial arts for children


Today, the outside society is becoming more frightening. Maybe we will not always be able to protect our children. Letting him study martial arts would be a good thing. In addition to being a defensive person, it is also considered a good exercise and free time. There are many types of martial arts. Both use a lot and use less force. Today we have 5 types of martial arts for everyone to see. Will be an option for children to try to study together


Taekwondo refers to the art or principle of clashing or strikes with feet and hands. It is a sport that combines combat. Self defense, sports, exercise Meditation and Philosophy It is one of the leading martial arts people interested in playing around the world from young children to adults. Which sports Taekwondo will help develop in balance Use self-defense, practice tact, build concentration and discipline

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a long-standing martial art in Thailand. It is also a great exercise to promote good health. In which basic muay thai is used in all parts of the body through kicking and punching, knees, elbows, children who practice boxing help in self-control, meditation, and help the child to gain confidence. And discipline However, parents should look at the safety of that institution. With protective equipment or not


Aikido is a martial art suitable for women. By using methods to control and motivate the opponent To move in the direction we want by relying on the strength of the opponent Hurt yourself Ready to be a subject that strengthens the mind He is a fighter of the spirit, has virtue and loves justice. Therefore, the practitioner can protect himself from his opponent without getting hurt. Aikido’s core is the swing and grab technique. Cultivators will use opponent’s power and collision speed.


Karate is one of the Japanese martial arts. That brings together the martial arts of China and Japan It consists of basic punching, blocking and tapping techniques. One punch style Without the use of weapons, children will practice determination, endurance, and strengthening the body and mind.


Judo is a type of martial art that originated in Japan. It is a skill that can fight armed opponents with their bare hands and destroy their weaknesses. Focusing on throwing and locking the joints, causing loss of balance, use of close-ups, in addition to training to protect yourself, but also to exercise in order to Born strength Steady meditation The trainer will benefit both the body. And fully concentrate on the mind Whether it will attack the opponent Or defending

Martial arts can be studied by both women and men. Of course, reputed to protect oneself would inevitably cause injury. So be careful Look at the institutions that will send your children to study well. Take a look at safety.