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Thailand is the host.

  1. Thai boxing
    Muay Thai is a martial art that can be used both in sports and Real fighting, this art has been around since ancient times. Teach the young men to protect themselves and protect the nation; the powerful men of Thailand are

Practicing Muay Thai, almost everyone All famous warriors must be trained in this type of art clearly because the use of combat weapons in ancient times such as swords, sword, halberd, thaw, etc. If they have knowledge of Muay Thai, it will cause

Very useful Most especially when engaging in close combat, they will use some of their organs to help, such as knees, feet, elbows, etc. Originally, the art of Muay Thai with a high level of tactic is often practiced among the master class. Adults or only kings and nobles

Military only Later became widespread to the common people Which has been the technology from the teachers Which was originally the top of the military Or a warrior has arrived Therefore technology has been widespread and continues to this day.

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The best legendary muay thai A jade-faced tiger who has a unique voice, he is able to tiger Arun.

  1. Kickboxing
    Kickboxing is a sport that uses a typical boxing style but can Can also kick your feet Kickboxing is a boxing sport that uses all organs. Athletes focus on organ protection and wearing equipment when competing, such as male athletes wearing boxer shorts.

Does not wear a shirt, but has protective equipment that wraps his hands, boxing gloves, headgear. For example, there is often confusion between kickboxing and Thai boxing. Both sports are boxing as well, but there is a difference in how Thai boxing can kick under the belt. Can use elbows and knees to defeat opponents. But kickboxing Not available

  1. Kurash
    It is a folk sport of Uzbekistan. That has improved the style of play to be a universal, basic principles of sports. This is characterized by a combination of wrestling and judo. By dividing the contestants into two sides, fighting each other on a square 15 x 15 m stage, the opponent must throw the other opponent down to the ground within 4 minutes for men and 3 minutes for women.
    • Kalal throws his opponent completely against the ground. Those who do it will win immediately.
    • Yon Boss throws and then the opponent’s side or the side of the opponent’s body is completely ground to the ground. 1 point. If you score 2 times as a Yon Boss, it is equal to 1 kalal.
    • Shala throws and hits the bottom or back or stomach or flanks on the ground, but not completely. Shala points do not stop the game. But will be used to judge when the time expires
  2. Judo
    Judo is a type of martial art that originated in Japan. Ancient Today it is widely practiced by practicing around the world. Judo, as a form of self defense, is a part of the Japanese art of bending. Convert, update, update In addition to training to protect yourself, it is also

Exercising to achieve strength Steady meditation The trainer will benefit both the body. And fully concentrate on the mind Whether it will attack the opponent Or defending Judo, whose full name is Kodokan Judo, was originally called Jiujitsu. It is a subject that can fight opponents armed with their bare hands and is a practice of fighting against opponents with arms. Destroy your opponent’s weaknesses

  1. Taekwondo
    The Taekwondo Association of the Republic of Korea originally supported Taekwondo. All over the world Taekwondo associations have been established in various countries. Many training styles have been developed to make it uneven until
    • 1972 The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is established, which is headquartered at the Kyionon Prison Office, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The first president of the federation is Dr. Yoon Young Kim.
    • 1973, the first World Taekwondo Games And is held regularly every 2 years, 2529 B.E., containing Taekwondo in the Asian Games
    • 1988: Contains Taekwondo at the 1967 Olympics, taekwondo training in Thailand at the YMCA. The Royal Bangkok Sports Club In the US military bases at Takhli, Nakhon Ratchasima, Udon Thani, Ubon Ratchathani and Sattahip
    • 1973: Taekwondo was opened at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, 1976 opened at Apassa School of Martial Arts, Ploenchit Road.
    • 1978, established the Taekwondo Martial Arts Association at Apassa School With Mr. Sorayut Pattamin Wiroj Was the first president of the association, later the association changed its name to Taekwondo Association of Thailand
  2. Karate Do
    Karate is a martial art developed from the Japanese martial arts. Ryugua Islands And from the Chinese martial skills Or boxing. Karate is a way of drawing power from different parts. His body was combined into one in a combat attack such as fists, knees, elbows using hands.

It is unarmed, but it is a technique for creating power with bare hands instead of weapons and shields Some karate practice may have different basic, fighting or dance moves, such as retention, wrestling, pushing, grasping.

7.Ju Jitsu
Jujitsu in Japanese means The art of softness It is the name of the Japanese martial arts. It is sometimes referred to by other names such as yawara, taijutsu.
The history of the origin of Jujitsu is not clear It is often said to have been developed during the period of the war. Between the 8th and 16th centuries

Since it was a time of war, many new subjects were created. In the past, Japan had hundreds of Jujitsu schools. Each school has its own practice guidelines. Most of them will be influenced by art.