Judo eyes Vietnam host of next SEA Games – Wang Risa wins tickets to Olympics


Judo – Hats Badin Rojanajiva, president of the Judo Sports Association of Thailand, revealed that from the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines in the past, “Jom Thai” won 7 gold medals, 2 silver, 3 bronze medals. Judo of ASEAN was successful. Called that the results surpassed the goals that were laid before traveling to compete By the Judo Sports Association, aiming at 3 gold medals only

However, even though this SEA Games will win the most gold medals in ASEAN nations But we must not be careless and must continue to send athletes to compete in order to continue to develop. Because in the 31st SEA Games next time in Vietnam, the host has focused on winning gold in judo.

And is expected to organize all types of judo competitions in full As we have seen the athletes of Vietnam in the past SEA Games, we can see that his athletes have developed a lot as well Another competitor to Thailand is Indonesia, who the president of his Judo Association informed that next time he will compete for Chao Thong and Thai as well. Therefore, it is important to keep the ASEAN owner.

In addition, for the Thai athletes From the SEA Games we have seen many more rising stars. And we will try to strengthen the strength of Thai judo players in the long term “Road to Paris” of the 2024 Olympic Games in France.

As for the 2020 Olympic Games, “Tokyo Games” in Japan, from now on “Risa” Kochakorn Worasiha, the Thai-Japanese half-young woman in the 48-52 kg model, which this SEA Games has achieved 1 gold medal and 1 The bronze medal has accumulated points already in the ranks to win the Olympic quota.

But we cannot be underestimated because our competitors are trying to score points after us. In early next year, we will send athletes to compete. World Championship In france In order for athletes to score the world rankings, in particular, the Krasat must maintain the rank. To get the Olympic tickets too