Judo Taekwondo Technique Thatchanged My Life Forever


Answer 1:
Judo. There is no doubt that I have done all three martial arts and for the purpose of self defense, effective fight is king.

Everyone, young and old alike, throws a punch and flies forward. Effective combat will take everything away and won’t get you in trouble in the law or the playground rules.

Taekwondo, although popular and has the ability to mess up people if used effectively. But it’s not the best. It’s limited in the range of outstanding options it teaches. It shows a real fancy kick and will develop great power, talent and flexibility. It will not teach you a variety of boxing techniques, low kick, hugging, elbow or any kind of fighting.

Karate is better than Taekwondo in my opinion. But still suffers from some of the same flaws. Because it is an ancient martial art and its founding is a large part of the story that it is taught through the form or kata. These are practically no real world except helping you pass the grading test.

Judo is taught in practice. You are all training to partner with other students. You learn to control yourself and break other people’s balance. Then control the person on the ground and use the dispatch and a pin is needed. You’re not doing a pattern, which is great because you’re not teaching a metaphor. You learn to fall as a first step, which benefits all children. On the fitness side, develop your push and pull strength and you will get a perfect fit.

All art has a definite hitman. I just realized that out of all three, there were more monsters in the average judo room than the others, it gave me more benefit from the controversy in my life. (Being a doorman for 10 years and walking a lot from Irish colleges and schools) Judo allows control and you can always say that you haven’t hit anyone. Plus, not having your youngest ever hit the head on a regular basis, teach catch early and stand out later. Repeated head punches will have different effects later in life when you go to stand out at Muay Thai or Muay Thai. An even more striking and rich art and judo training can be transformed to aid decision making, which is allowed in Muay Thai.

Judo wins looks to the BJJ as a path to more combat. Judo is like 70, stand up fight, 30 ground, BJJ has 20 ground standing state, 80.

Two outstanding works of art in Thai boxing are perfect.

MMA trained later to tie it all together.

Answer 2:
Let’s review the art in question… from a perspective. ‘Simple and dirty’

JUDO —- Close the fight and throw people to the ground.

There must be a good balance, technique and closeness to your opposition.

KARATE —- General term for various Japanese martial arts. There are generally elements of striking, blocking, kicking and fighting in karate.

TAEKWONDO – Korean-style karate kicking, punching and blocking, with little fighting / throwing side commands included when teaching traditional.

Make this easy …

90% of ‘self-defense’ is what the police call it. ‘Prevention of crime’

Correct … obey the law, behave with appropriate social skills, not ‘Go to stupid places, do stupid things, and hang with stupid people’ cover 90% of self-defense.

In the sense … it doesn’t make the slightest difference the martial arts you study … you will learn how to behave with courtesy, respect and self-discipline. Those skills will help you avoid most confrontations.

8% of self-defense is examining problematic development and doing something to stop its development long before you are in danger!

Good example … You’re in a bar enjoying a drink, looking at the straws and chatting with friends. Many fools have appeared … and soon you will feel the ‘bad blood’ or ‘tension’ in the air.

That’s a red flag… and a signal that it’s time for you to pay the tab and leave.

The best defense against violence… shouldn’t be close to the violence that started.

2% of ‘self defense’ is what we call damage control.

You’re drunk another 98% of your self-defense… and now because you messed it up… you’re in an extreme situation.

At this point… martial arts practice is moot. An attacker with or without training… will not play by any rules, not a contest to see who can ‘win’.

It’s a deal that someone walks away, maybe a little bump … and some people don’t walk away because they’re busy resting on the ground, acting as the ultimate victim of violence.

And oh… by the way… you can bet your last dollar that the events that took place during those horrible moments of violence… on their faces would perfectly stand in violation of the law.

Even if you experience a physical conflict … you may be injured anyway … and may find yourself in handcuffs pending trial for that incident.

If the truth is on your side and the evidence shows that the truth is coming out for good and good.

If not … the judge will have to give you time to think in some of the comfortable accommodations that are bought and paid for with your tax dollars, called ‘jail’.

In short… the art you study is not important.

Pick one and study it… and if your self-defense skills are the reason for your study… make sure you know your professor about it… and make sure you go beyond the deed. Practice martial arts Preventing being in a situation where you have to use violence to save the bacon.

I recommend

There is no vain self-defense.
It’s a really nice and free place to start your education on what is and what doesn’t protect yourself. I use information from that website when preparing my class self defense module … and recommend that all